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January Favorites

January Favorites


It's already time for another round of favorites.

I find that terrifying. But also thrilling, because I get to give you another list of everything I've been indulging in this January (film and television related - mostly). Favorites this month do not disappoint, as I spent quite a bit of time on Netflix, thanks to a nice refresh on their content (it was getting so stale!), and discovered the benefits of a Hulu Plus subscription (Criterion! Criterion! Criterion!). Shall we, then?

January Favorites

What To Watch: January Favorites | Everything I'm watching this month on Netflix, Amazon Prime, in the theatre - Everywhere! Currently can't stop watching Making a Murderer (and so much more)| Read it at

On Netflix:

Making a Murderer

Everyone is watching this show, which made me not want to watch it, and also want to watch it very quickly, so that I could make good conversation at dinner parties (of which I've gone to approximately NONE this month). It is SO GOD DAMN GOOD. I like true crime (I kind of love true crime), and I especially like a good documentary - this is it, spanning ten grueling, aggravating, enthralling episodes. I'd like to compare it to The Jinx, however it is absolutely nothing like that crazy confessional (though just as riveting, if not more so). I'd also like to compare it to The Thin Blue Line, but it is, again, a little too different. This is definitely a show about a case - but its thesis is more about the entire justice system, in that, well, it sometimes doesn't work all that well. Consider this one HIGHLY ENDORSED.


I had heard this described as both "the iPhone movie" and the "transgender revenge comedy of the year" but neither of those capture my feelings on this unusual piece of cinema. It is funny - darkly so. It is raunchy - if you don't like sex, stay away. And although there is a romance at the center of the "revenge," that isn't the one that ultimately means much. Watch Tangerine for the relationship between two best friends, and the innate relationships and bonds women share with each other. My favorite scene is a very quiet one between Sin-Dee (Sin-Dee Rella!) and Dinah/Dina/Dana/Whatever-the-hell-her-name-is in a bar restroom - you would never believe how much one woman touching up another's makeup can mean. Second only to Alexandra's rendition of Doris Day's Toyland. Also - the iPhone does shoot a pretty good-looking movie.

On Hulu:

Juliet of the Spirits

You guys - Hulu Plus has the Criterion Collection. Not all of it, but a HUGE curated selection straight from Criterion themselves. I immediately searched Fellini (because WHY NOT) and there it was - Juliet of the Spirits. If you have not witnessed Giulietta Masina in this masterpiece of Italian surrealist cinema, you now have no choice (although my first choice for Fellini first timers would be Nights of Cabiria). Even in the confines of my television screen, this is one of the most beautiful, ethereal, dreamy films ever made. And most notable - Masina is no spring chicken, yet she is presented, as always, as the most beautiful woman alive. This is a film about women, marriage, and the meaning of life. Not necessarily in that order. This is really and truly, one of my all time favorites.


  • Adventure Time - If you told me this is what David Lynch makes in his off-time, I'd believe you.

On That Old Bitch Cable:

I HATE cable, but sometimes, you have to cave.

You're The Worst (FXX)

This show. This show has changed my life. I don't know why it took me two whole seasons to discover it existed. I don't know why I started with the second season first and then backtracked (find season one on Hulu). I don't even always know why I like it. But there is no better original comedy right now (New phone - who dis?). And there is certainly no better comedy dealing with straight-up, real life depression (except maybe Baskets, which I can't wait to watch in February). FXX is kind of killing it right now.


  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FXX) - CharDee MacDennis 2: Electric Boogaloo; don't miss it.
  • Bob's Burgers (Fox) - IT WILL NEVER STOP BEING FUNNY. Forever in the favorites.

On YouTube:


I spend more time watching beauty-guru videos then is possibly healthy for a person, yet somehow, I feel no real shame about it. Probably because of people like Mykie of Glam&Gore, who is not only Queen of the make-up tutorial (she WILL show you how to do that smokey eye, she WILL show you how to wing your eyeliner - with jokes), but the GODDESS of Special FX makeup creation. I grew up wanting nothing more than to work in the dungeons of the Jim Henson workshop, sculpting away at latex and clay making monsters and puppets, but alas, here I am - writing about it. But once a week, through the help of a real Wizard of Gore, I can live out my fantasy and attempt an at-home FX makeup tutorial - prosthetics, scab blood, and all.


So, friends?

What were your January favorites?

What To Watch: January Favorites | Everything I'm watching this month on Netflix, Amazon Prime, in the theatre - Everywhere! Currently can't stop watching Making a Murderer| Read it at

Tell me what I'm missing! Leave all suggestions, recommendations, personal vendettas in the comments, please - I love 'em!


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