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New Year, New Features: Coming Soon to the Blog

New Year, New Features: Coming Soon to the Blog


Happy New Year, new readers and old!

It's been a nice holiday break, but 2016 is alive and kicking, and so time to get back to the usual bitching (wasn't that rhyme just too cute?). It's a new year, and I think we could use some new content, don't you?

Here's a bit of what you can expect from One Critical Bitch in the upcoming weeks:

New Posts On:

- Visual Literacy: Part two of the popular series is on its way, this time everything you need to about mise en scene.

- The Male Gaze: Let's talk one of the most famous theories of them all - and how it's time to change in 2016.Happy New Year! See what's to come for the blog in 2016 |

- How to take shit: The start of a new series by artists, for artists. In this first edition, I'll teach you how best to take your criticism (served cold, with a side of sweet, sweet sugar).

- Critiques on: Jessica JonesYou're the Worst, and maybe even that War of Stars that's going on... (Have a request for crit? Drop me a line in the comments, tweet it at me, or find me on Facebook. I love a good suggestion.)

- In Defense of: Another new series dedicated to changing your mind about movies you think you've already made your mind up about. If I can make you love The Super Mario Brothers Movie, I've done my job.

Fancy New Things Like:

- A site facelift: You may notice small visual changes to the site in the coming weeks. New fonts, larger typefaces, and a little bit more style are all in the works.

- The Weekly Bitch Newsletter: I'm most excited about this addition, which I hope to have rolling by the end of January/early February. For those of you that receive an email each time I post, you'll still have the option. But for those looking for streamlined inboxes and a weekly round-up of blog happenings, this will be your new best friend. Look for a sign-up in the sidebar (and don't worry - I'll let you know when it happens!)

Participating In:

- Feminist Film Club (February Edition): Cattitude & Co. is watching Mad Max: Fury Road next month and I'm ALL IN. Check out January's post for great thoughts on the controversial doc Amy, and flashback to my first drop-in at the club, and read our thoughts (and see my adorable illustration) on American Mary (I also covered this one back in October here).

- #FirstFive: The fantastic OneDizzyBee has honored me with a place in her "Bloggers Spotlight Bloggers" feature. I can't say how flattered I feel to be among those blogs someone has fallen in love with, but I'm so proud that I must participate further. Watch out this month for my own #FirstFive, where I'll spotlight the first five blogs I fell for.

And now the big one...

Coming Soon in February

Reclaiming the Rom-Com

Yes. You read that right. After spending 31 of my most productive days ever quick critiquing 31 horror movies last October, I've decided it's time to do it again. And what better genre to devote the 29 days of February than the oft criticized, sometimes lovely, occasionally offensive, usually overlooked, Romance? I'll devote time to the chick flicks you least expect, women's pictures that are hardly just for women, and find romance in the most ugly films imaginable. Think you hate the genre? Think you even know what it is? I have 29 days to change your mind.

Happy New Year! See what's to come for the blog in 2016 |

Does that feel like a lot of stuff?

Because I'm sitting here contemplating a few slow breaths into a paper bag. Regardless, I'm pumped, psyched, and ready to usher in the New Year with brand new content that will leave you feeling like a bona-fide film expert. You ready? You set?

Let's go.

Alex of One Critical Bitch |

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