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Your Christmas Tree Takes Treevenge: #FeatureFriday

Your Christmas Tree Takes Treevenge: #FeatureFriday


I'm not going to lie - I feel an eensy-weensy bit bad about doing this to you on a Feature Friday.

But, it's Christmas time, and this is the perfect Christmas short film. It's funny (in a way). Eccentric. Seasonal. Dare I say, topical (treat people - and plants - nicely, kids). And it makes me feel better about not having a Christmas tree this year.

Just so we're clear, this one is NSFW. Blood, guts, gore, language, mild (and gross) sexual situations, anthropomorphic trees, and, well, a thing with a cat. GOOD LUCK TO YOU, would-be viewers - this one requires a sense of humor and a strongish stomach (although, let's be real, there's nothing realistic going on here, so even the squeamish should be able to power through).

But seriously, this is enjoyable holiday-horror schlock, and I need to know what you think (tell me I'm not alone in my love!)

So, here's the usual Feature Friday PSA:

Give this shortie a watch, give it some thought, and if you wouldn't mind, give us your reflections, opinions, criticisms (delivered with care and a measure of professionalism, please), and jokes (always jokes) in the comments. Because if I can do one thing for you all this holiday season, it's give you the gift of really, really weird and uncomfortable thoughts. And get you all talking and appreciating art, of course. With that said:

Happy Holidays, bitches.

(Sleep with one eye open under that Christmas tree next week.)

And now, starring your Christmas tree and all his friends:


Dir. Jason Eisener

Treevenge from jasoneisener on Vimeo.

*Have a recommendation of your own? I’m looking for short films (10 seconds to 30 minutes), music videos, amazing gifs, experimental art – anything you’re watching with amazement, I want to be, too. Send me your favorite clips (or better yet, your own films!) to be featured on a future edition of #FeatureFriday.

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