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Feature Friday: On My Own Two Legs

Feature Friday: On My Own Two Legs


The first item on the OneCriticalBitch November agenda is to institute a little series that I like to call, Feature Friday. Excuse me -


(you must always hashtag your series' names - in fact, hashtag your #hashtags, too. This is 2015, mother fuckers.)

So, what is it?

It's just a little post, on the best day of the week, dedicated to the best film, video, art, or sublime GIF the internet has to offer at the moment (there are some fantastic GIFs out there and you know it).

In the spirit of TGIF, I'm not going to analyze, but present without comment these bits of brilliance (I won't post something unless it's out of TRUE LOVE, promise). However, I encourage you to chat it up, argue about it, give it kisses, and even pick it apart (critically AND politely, please) in the comments. Because that's, at its heart, what this blog is about - getting everybody talking about, and thereby appreciating, art. You dig?

So grab a cocktail, a coffee, or whatever it is you pray to on Friday nights, and let's watch something good together. Something, maybe, you've never even seen before.

And PLEASE, get loud in the comments.

I will never pick something that doesn't warrant some kind of discussion - it's virtually impossible for me not to rile someone up with my curatorial choices. If you love what you're seeing, SAY SO! If you're confused by it, ASK QUESTIONS! Maybe if we're lucky, our filmmaker/artist/GIF-magician will be available to answer some of them.

So let's begin with a little piece of VHS-tape heaven they call...

On My Own Two Legs

On My Own Two Legs on Vimeo.

Written + Directed by Rebekah Suellau

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