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David Bowie + The Most Moschino Barbie EVER

David Bowie + The Most Moschino Barbie EVER


David Bowie. Moschino. Barbie. Those all go together, right? They sure as hell do on Friday! You know what time it is. Time to drop my favorite videos, shorts, gifs, artistic internet finds of the week for:


My little PSA (since this is only the second time I've done this), Feature Friday is about giving you, lovely readers, something new, interesting, and hopefully exciting, to watch each week.

Hopefully, you'll pay us all back in the comments with your thoughts, opinions, criticisms (polite, please!), and jokes (always jokes). 

Because at its heart, that's what OneCriticalBitch is ALL ABOUT - getting everybody talking about and appreciating art.

Ready? Ready.

This week, there were A LOT to choose from (being a little under the weather gave me plenty of time to peruse the endless YouTube offerings). But I did it! I decided. Though, i'm sure it says something special about me that I couldn't decide between new David Bowie and the latest Barbie commercial...

But then, that's why you're here, isn't it? To think hard about something a little weird.

For your enjoyment, and presented without comment:

David Bowie in "Blackstar"

Dir. Johan Renck


Moschino Barbie "Fauxmercial"

Creative Direction by Moschino and Jeremy Scott

*Have a recommendation of your own? I'm looking for short films (10 seconds to 30 minutes), music videos, amazing gifs, experimental art - anything you're watching with amazement, I want to be, too. Send me your favorite clips (or better yet, your own films!) to be featured on a future edition of #FeatureFriday.

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